Work with Us

Bordesley Multi Academy Trust is focused on the quality of the educational experience it provides for its pupils. We believe that everyone deserves the best start in life to enable them to become successful and responsible citizens in the 21st century world. We are committed to enabling our pupils to develop their academic, creative and sporting skills, their curiosity, self-confidence and leadership, to learn to work productively with their peers, and to understand the wide world around them.


We can only achieve our ambitions for our Pupils if we have the best-trained and best-motivated staff, whether in the classroom, in leadership or in the vital roles that sustain and support our schools as vibrant learning communities. As an employer, we want to you to enjoy and be stimulated by your work, and we want to enable you to strike a productive work-life balance. In addition, we want to invest in you to go on developing your professional knowledge and skills.