Our Schools

Holyoakes Field First School

The memories that our children will accumulate whilst they are with us are what gives the school its heart.  We celebrated our centenary in 2013 and were delighted to discover that the school had friends and pupils going back 70 years who wanted to share their memories of Holyoakes Field.   It is our aim that all children will leave Holyoakes Field with a feeling of pride, having achieved their very best.

Birchensale Middle School

We are a thriving middle school serving the community of Batchley and Redditch.

We pride ourselves on our good relationships with children and families, which enable pupils to prosper and achieve their very best. Our practice reflects the importance of this and working in partnership with the wider community for the benefit of everyone.

Woodfield Academy

A happy, successful, safe environment where learning and achievement are valued and children prepare to become confident global citizens. A place where learners are taught to make informed choices and to be responsible for their own actions. A school at the heart of the local community.

Trinity High School

Excellence for All – at Trinity, we strongly believe that education opens doors and has the power to change lives. We are therefore relentlessly striving for excellence for all our students so they can realise their talents and create their futures.